Rebels without a pause.

The NOW now is Australia's longest running festival of spontaneous music, experimental sound and outlier performance. Founded in 2001 by Clayton Thomas and Clare Cooper, the NOW now has continuously represented the uncompromised and non-commercial side of Sydney's music scene.Each year, musicians from around Australia and the world gather to collaborate and experience the moment of creation together. The festival represents the music that inspires us, the processes that intrigue us, and the ideas that are most vital to our community each year.

The festival is a forum for international collaboration—regularly introducing musicians from around the world to Australian audiences, and in-turn brining the Sydney scene to international attention. The NOW now represents.


  • Thursday Jan 19, 2016
    Presented with Inland
  • artist 1
  • 7:00
  • Rohan Drape, solo electronics
  • Ingar Zach, (Norway) solo percussion
  • artist 2
  • 8:00
  • Great Waitress
    Magda Mayas (Berlin), prepared piano
    Laura Altman, clarinet
    Monika Brooks, accordion
  • 9:30
  • True Strength
    Alexander Garsden, guitar
    & Ida Duelund-Hansen, voice (Copenhagen)
  • 10:30
    Morton Feldman 'palais de mari' performed by Joy Lee.
  • Friday Jan 20, 2017
  • 7:00
  • Ingar Zach (Norway), percussion
    Cor Fuhler, prepared piano
    Jim Denley, woodwinds
    Melanie Herbert, violin
  • artist 3
  • 8:00
    Nicola Morton, voice, electronics, instruments
    Matt Earle, feedback, guitar
    Nick Dan, drums
    Anthony Guerra, guitar and electronics
    Mimi Kind, installations, instruments and other
  • Sass Hound
    with Simo Soo & Frontier Dominion
  • BAR
    dj Xiaoran Shi
  • 9:30
    Lucy Phelan, electronics and voice
  • artist 4
    Serwah Attafuah
    Jarrod Osei
    Birrugan Dunn-Velasco
  • Enderie & SEZZO SNOT
    Andrew McLellan
    Sezzo Snot
  • Visuals from Icki Sweet & Jadis M
  • Saturday Jan 21, 2017
  • 2:00 – 5:00
  • A Walk in the Partch
    Trevor Brown, saxophone
    3 hour drone performance utilising field recordings and saxophone.
  • 5:30
  • Talk: Douglas Kahn: Climate Change and its relationship to sound
  • Douglas Kahn is Professor of Media and Innovation at the National Institute of Experimental Arts (NIEA), University of New South Wales, Sydney.
  • Historian and theorist of the media arts and experimental music with concentrations in the study of sound, electromagnetism, and natural media.
  • Click here to visit his website:
  • 6:30
  • Jon Rose presents "The Abandoned Street Organ"
  • Solo by Jon Rose on this semi-dysfunctional, temperamentally tuned, found object, and utilizing the 33 year old Don Mori revolving speaker (powered by a washing machine motor) in a surround sound spectacular.
  • 7:00
  • Sonya Holowell, voice
    Jonathan Holowell, piano
  • artist 5
  • Korsakoff's Syndrome
    Shota Matsumura, guitar, electronics
    Laurence Williams, guitar, robots
    with Ivey Wawn, movement
  • Fate Maps
    Ben Ward, double bass
    Freya Schack-Arnott, cello
    Jack Ward, cello
  • artist 6
  • 8:00
  • Kusum Normoyle, voice & feedback
    Clayton Thomas, double bass & objects
    Mary Rapp, voice & cello
  • 10:00
  • Jeff Henderson & The Not Quite Quiet Choir
  • Jeff Henderson, conduction and baritone saxophone
    Christian Meass Svendsen, double bass
    Holly Connor, drums
    Cor Fuhler, piano
    Shota Matsumura, trumpet
    Sam Gill, alto saxophone
    Irene Kepl, violin
  • 10:45
  • artist 7
  • Jasmine Guffond, electronics
  • Sunday Jan 22, 2017
    An afternoon concert
  • 3:00 – 5:00
    Corner of Redfern & Chalmers Street, Redfern
  • A day in the park with Splinter Orchestra and Prophets
  • For over 15 years the Splinter Orchestra have developed a unique and culturally specific music. This out-door event presents its own musical surprises, allowing audience to move throughout the park and hearing each sound, both made and environmental, with new focus.
  • After touring the streets of Europe as one of the most dauntingly original busking groups of all-time, Prophets return to the outdoors for this Redfern Park Performance.
  • artist 8
  • 5:30
  • Workshop
    String improvising in the age of computers, social-media, overwhelming consumerism, and other odds against.
  • Christian Meaas Svendsen (Norway), double bass
    Irene Kepl (Austria), violin
  • (Free entry, bring your instrument, or your ears)
  • 6:30
  • Christian Windfeld (Denmark) solo percussion
  • Aviva Endean, bass clarinet solo
  • artist 9
  • Christian Meaas-Svendsen (Norway), double bass
    Irene Kepl (Austria), violin
  • 7:30
  • Dale Gorfinkel, drums and electronic amplifications
    Peter Farrar, alto saxophone, electric bass
  • artist 10
    Evelyn Morris, electronics and voice
  • artist 11
  • Lucas Abela, glass and blood
  • 9:00
  • artist 12
  • RHRR trio (France)
    Xavier Charles, clarinet
    Frederic Blondy, prepared piano
    & Guyliane Cosseron, voice
    19-22 JANUARY
    Open from 12:00am-10:00pm
  • Alexandra Spence
    Mimi Kind
    Peter Blamey
    Bronwen Williams and Karam Hussein
    Cor Fuhler
  • Alexandra Spence:
  • Here. 2017; various objects
  • Here is a series of small sound installations that consider the connections between place, identity and sound in everyday life. Having recently relocated from the west coast of Canada to the east coast of Australia, these works look to the Pacific Ocean as a point of connectivity.
  • i. Listening to the sea from at least twelve points of hearing. Cassette tapes, cassette deck, (buried) magnetic tape & matchboxes, found objects.
  • ii. 12,493 km. Cassette player, cassette tape, magnetic tape loop, found objects, sand.
  • iii. radio fishpond. Fishpond, hydrophone, radio transmitter, FM radio.
  • Mimi Kind:
  • Pecking Disorder. 2017; wood, assorted everyday objects, speakers
  • Pecking disorder: an installation of 6 small battery-powered oscillators mounted on tall poles, which collide with everyday objects surrounding them. A drone of erratic rhythms is created as the oscillators and objects collide.
    Each oscillator can be switched on/off to your taste... what would you like to hear?
  • Peter Blamey:
  • Building Weather. 2017; 3 volt electric motor, wood, plastic, thumb tacks, photovoltaic panels, amplifier, copper wire, ferrite core, foil, cable
  • Bronwen Williams and Karam Hussein:
  • Mechanical Popper. 2017; Motor, Paper, Acrylic, Arduino, Wood
  • This sound sculpture is a fusing of the analog and the digital. Here, we have created a playful machine that takes a hand-folded origami popper and uses a mechanical system to activate the paper popper. There is a sense of uselessness, humour and surprise when the popper is set off, disrupting the historically silent and contemplative nature of the gallery space. The artwork is interactive and requires audience participation.
  • Cor Fuhler:
  • Lucky I am not. 2017various objects
  • Cor will setup a small intimate installation, weather permitting in the garden, consisting of seven rusty chimes, which he detuned into a specific harmonious world, played in an aleatoric and stochastic fashion by seven golden lucky cats. Cor might add a few more items, depending on what works once everybody else has setup their specific installation. Possibly Doze(n), an interactive setup of 12 music boxes, or singing bowls played by turntables, we will see.
    An experimental collaboration across sound and vision.
  • FEEDBACK is a music-video program that brings together a group of artists from Western Sydney to collaborate with emerging musicians on the autism spectrum and with other disabilities, working closely with the supported music studio, Club Weld.
  • Musicians: Chris Stiles, TJ Stines, Anthony Talarico, Clare Brown, Ashley Unterrheiner, Anthony B, Andrew Barrett, Helen Lupton and Paolo Donia (with Jerry Kahale, Pasko Schravemade, Nicola Morton, Matt Earle and Sam Worrad
  • Video Artists: Marian Abboud, Heath Franco, Jerry Kahale,Nicola Morton, James Nguyen and Naomi Oliver.
  • Let's get this puppy off the ground.
  • The NOW now 2017 is organised by Danielle Zorbas, Bronwen Williams, Alexander Garsden, Jon Hunter & Clayton Thomas. SEE YOU HERE.
  • We recognise and acknowledge the unique position of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in Australia’s culture and history; and pay our respect to Elders past and present, including as the traditional custodians of the Gadigal land of Redfern.

The NOW now 2017

Four nights of remarkable music, installations and performance at 107 Projects, Redfern.

Moving from contemporary music to noise – via improvising orchestra's, free jazz, conducted vocal choirs and feedback explorations – the NOW now 2017 represents the spectrum of unheard and under-experienced music in Australia. This year’s festival features artists and musicians from around Sydney, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, Austria and France.

the series

The NOW now has produced close to 500 concerts since the year 2000, where it started under the highly focused banner of ‘if you like improvised music, we like you.’

Initially focussed on the nexus between jazz and pure improvisation, through an auspicious series of musical connections and the energy of community, the series expanded to include dance, orchestral performance, new composition, installation works and the occasional focus on experimental cinema amongst other things.

Initially run every Monday out of the Space 3 Gallery in Chippendale, the series has called Newtown, Enmore, Surry Hills and now Redfern home.

Now at home at 107 projects in Redfern, the NOW now series will continue monthly in 2017, beginning in March.

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